1 October 2021, 10 – 16 Uhr / 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Zoom / LIVE

Host: BioRiver association
Guests: BioRiver Boost! applicants, BioRiver Boost! jury, speakers for reverse pitches, sponsors, stakeholder from life science industry, founding projects and start-ups, BioRiver network and partners

09:30   Registration to the live conference
09:55   Count down for the live stream transmission

10:00   Greeting & motivation speech
            Dr. Boris Stoffel, Chairman of the BioRiver board

            Dr. Frauke Hangen, Managing Director of BioRiver

Pitch session 1, 10 – 11.45 a. m.

8 min. pitch presentation followed by 8 min. Q&A

HBOX Therapies GmbH

With our startup HBOX Therapies we develop, produce and market a platform technology for targeted blood hyperoxygenation therapy to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attack, and cancer.


ATEM provides cutting edge analytical and structural biological services based on the rapidly advancing cryo-Electron Microscopy technology for its customers as a CRO.

InnoSurge AC

We at InnoSurge AC develop AI-powered medical software for automated preoperative surgical planning, for example for facial reconstructions.


Control leukemia by inducing cancer vaccines in vivo


Pitch session 2, 12 – 1.30 p. m.

8 min. pitch presentation followed by 8 min. Q&A

LampSeq Diagnostics GmbH

Scalable pathogen testing using an isotermal barcoding and sequencing process


PRAMOMOLECULAR silences proteins that cause serious disorders in the lungs and pancreas.


Detechgene offers an on-site rapid testing solution that detects any infectious agent as precisely and accurately as a lab-based test, enabling rapid diagnosis for everyone.


DNTOX is a cell biological screening laboratory, which allows the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to screen substances and ingredients for their potential to cause developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) in a human-based in vitro system that complies to current regulatory standards.


Reverse Pitches, 2 – 3.30 p. m.

10 min. presentation of company’s innovation fields followed by audience’s questions, including chat questions

Qiagen, Hilden

Scientific Bioprocessing, Baesweiler/Pittsburgh

Cevec Pharmaceuticals, Cologne

Evotec, Cologne/Hamburg

Bayer, Wuppertal/Berlin

Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch Gladbach


Award ceremony, 3.30 – 4.00 p. m.

The final award ceremony honours the start-up whose business and presentation are outstanding in terms of innovative strength and future economic success. The BioRiver Boost! award comes with an individual coaching by experienced managers and CEOs, respectively, of the BioRiver network and association.

4.00 p.m.   Closing words
16:10    End of transmission