Winners and their technologies

1st Place

Lumatix Biotech

Founding Team: Andreas Reichert, Ingmar Polte

Lumatix Biotech produces light-driven affinity matrices as a superior alternative to protein A chromatography for antibody purification.


2nd Place


Founding Team: Patrick Bongartz, Konstantin Kurz

BioThrust develops innovative systems that take bioreactor aeration to a new level.


3rd Place


Founding Team: René Tolba, Benedict Doorschodt

Vivalyx saves and improves the lives of people suffering from organ failure worldwide by increasing organ viability and the number of organs available for transplantation without using donor blood.


Finalists 2022:


Founding Team: Nadja Alina Henke, Florian Meyer, Jan Seeger, Vanessa Göttl, Ina Schmitt, Christopher Henke

Bocomer produces of terpenoids via microbial platform technology.



Founding Team: Alberto Noronha, Adam Selamnia

Nium uses biological data and metabolic modelling for the development of healthy food products and tailored nutritional recommendations


Athenata GmbH

Founding Team: Tyler Vogt, Daniel Habermann, Jan-Christoph Schmitz

Athenata helps to avoid non-reproducable research by leaving behind conventional statistics and implement flexible and -most importantly- verifiable statistical analyses.



Founding Team: Dr. Sebastian Bhakdi, Johannes Hille, Prapat Suriyaphol, Sebastian Grote

X-ZELL’s is redefining preventive healthcare by enabling routine pathology centres to detect atypical cells in non-invasive body liquids and process them digitally – paving the way for affordable, accessible and data-driven cancer diagnostics.



Founding Team: Helga Schmetzer, Octavian Schatz, Nikolaus Schaller, Behrouz Mansouri

Modiblast concept is controlling leukemia by inducing personalized anti-cancer vaccines in vivo.


BioRiver was again supported by numerous sponsors in 2022. The event was hosted by QIAGEN GmbH. Platinum sponsors included KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH, the City of Düsseldorf, Office for Economic Development and Miltenyi Biotec. The gold sponsor was Ruhr-IP Patentanwälte. The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia supported the BioRiver Boost! 2022 as part of its Digital Economy NRW (#DWNRW) project.

1st Place

DNTOX, Düsseldorf

Founding team: Dr. Stefan Masjosthusmann; Dr. Katharina Koch; Kristina Bartmann; Prof. Dr. Ellen Fritsche, advisor (science) ; Silke Beaucamp, advisor (business); Prof. Dr. Axel Mosig, advisor (bioinformatics)

DNTOX is a cell biological screening laboratory, which allows the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to screen substances and ingredients for their potential to cause developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) in a human-based in vitro system that complies to current regulatory standards.

Contact: stefan.masjosthusmann(at)


2nd Place

HBOX Therapies, Aachen

Founding team: Menne, Matthias 1. Managing director, Finance&Marketing; Schlanstein, Peter 2. Managing director, Technology & Production ; Steuer, Niklas  3. Managing director, Strategy & Operations 

With our startup HBOX Therapies we develop, produce and market a platform technology for targeted blood hyperoxygenation therapy to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attack, and cancer.



3rd Place


Founding team: Dr. Merle Fuchs, Molecular Biologist, Multiple Entrepreneur, CEO; Dr. Thomas Hiller, Biotechnologist, CTO; Ida Shaef, Chemist / Biological Chemist, CSO 

PRAMOMOLECULAR silences proteins that cause serious disorders in the lungs and pancreas.


Finalists 2021:

ATEM SD GmbH, Haan

ATEM provides cutting edge analytical and structural biological services based on the rapidly advancing cryo-Electron Microscopy technology for its customers as a CRO.


Detechgene, Köln

Detechgene offers an on-site rapid testing solution that detects any infectious agent as precisely and accurately as a lab-based test, enabling rapid diagnosis for everyone.


InnoSurge AC, Aachen

We at InnoSurge AC develop AI-powered medical software for automated preoperative surgical planning, for example for facial reconstructions. 



LampSeq Diagnostics GmbH, Bonn

Scalable pathogen testing using an isotermal barcoding and sequencing process 

Contact: jonathan.schmid-burgk(at)


Modiblast, Oberhaching

Control leukemia by inducing cancer vaccines in vivo

1st Place

PerAGraft GmbH, Aachen

Founding team: Dr. Valentine Gesche, CEO; Dr. Kathrin Kurtenbach CTO; Alexander Löwen, Clinical Case Planning & Production

PerAGraft's vision is to define a new standard of care in the treatment of complex aortic aneurysms and become a global market leader in personalised aortic implants.


2nd Place

Dermanostic GmbH, Düsseldorf

Founding team: Dr. Ole Martin, Dr. Alice Martin, Dr. Estefania Lang, Patrick Lang

DERMANOSTIC – „Hautarzt per App“, bietet Patienten mittels einer App eine Diagnose und Therapie ihrer Hautveränderung inklusive Rezept - und dies innerhalb von 24 Stunden.


3rd Place

CASC8, Keerbergen, Belgium

Founding team: Barbara Gaethofs, CEO. Prof. Dr. med Marc Hendrikx, CSO. Geert Alders, CBO

Regenerative therapy for Advanced Ischemic Heart Disease, using Cardiac Atrial Appendage Stem Cells (CASCs).


Finalists 2020:

attyloid GmbH, Düsseldorf

Particles count.


Ningaloo Biosystems GmbH, Köln

Biotechnology tools, and biopharmaceutical production and process solutions. Additionally, we will address the rising optogenetics research market.


PolyGlyco i.Gr., Bonn

Glycome-based therapy of age-related neurodegenerative diseases with unmet medical need

Contact: Christine.Klaus(at)


ATIVAA - next (gene) biologics, Bielefeld

The next gen(e) virus for glioblastoma therapy.


Actome GmbH, Freiburg

Actome GmbH's analytical technology supports life science research and medical innovations by enabling the precise quantification of proteins and protein interactions in biological samples with hitherto unseen sensitivity and specificity.


Thank you to Miltenyi Biotec B.V. &Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach, for generously hosting the BioRiver Boost! event 2020.

The following experts were engaged in the jury: Dr. Boris Stoffel, Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Member of the Executive Board, Dr. Bettina Möckel, Qiagen, Vice Corporate Business Development, Dr. Karl-Heinz Schneider, Bayer AG, Clinical Manufacturing von Biologika, Dr. Volker Vogel, Lonza Cologne, Associate Director Business Development,  Dr. Anna Lisa Picciolo-Lehrke, UCB Pharma GmbH, Senior Director, Head Neurology Business Development, Dr. Bert M. Klebl, Lead Discovery Center GmbH, CEO/CSO, Dr. Marek Kozlowski NRW.BANK, VENTURE CAPITAL Life Sciences & CleanTech, Dr. Caroline Fichtner High-Tech Gründerfonds GmbH, Investment Manager.

Reverse pitches during the BioRiver Boost! event were hold by Dr. Ralph Herbst, Bayer, Dr. Kay te Kaat, Qiagen, Dr. Holger Zimmermann, AiCuris antiinfective-cures, Dr. Andreas Kessell, antibodies-online and Miltenyi Biotec.

Winners (equal 1st to 3rd place)

ACUS, Köln

Founding team: Dr. Moritz Horn, CEO; Prof. Dr. Josef Penninger, Advisor; Dr. Martin Denzel, Advisor; Dr. Ulrich Elling; Advisor

Technology: Target deconvolution services and innovative drug target discoveries


ProSion, Köln

Founding team: Dr. Slim Chiha, CEO; Mutlu Yoenel, CFO

Technology: Chemical Toolkit for Making the Undruggable Druggable


Cherrykukess, Düsseldorf

Founding team: Dr. Knud Esser; M.Sc. Judith Steimel

Technology: New Cancer Therapies


Finalists 2019

UriCell, Düsseldorf

Founding team:

Lucas Spitzhorn- Project Manager; Scientist
Audrey Ncube - Scientist
Paul Stut - Business Management
Martina Bohndorf- Medical Technical Assistant
Prof. Dr. James Adjaye - Mentor; Institute director
Wasco Wruck - Bioinformatician

Technology: UriCell - Kidney stem cell products from urine


Bex-Biotec GmbH & Co.KG, Münster

Founding team:

Dr. Rebecca Melcher
CEO | Business Administration
Dr. Tobias Weikert
Research | Development Manager
M.Sc. Dominik Schmidt
Research | Biological-Technical Assistant

Technology: Bio-Engineering eXperts – We are the plant treatment evaluating accelerator!


PL BioScience GmbH, Aachen

Founding team:

Hatim Hemeda, PhD – CEO
Christian Wilkes, MBA – CFO

Technology: We deliver animal-free cell culture solutions


Silvacx, Bonn

Founding team:

Armin Kübelbeck, Dipl.-Ing.,

Technology: Silvacx – A Universal Platform to Silence Cancer and Infectious Diseases



Founding team:

Dr. Christoph Riethmüller

Technology: touching phenotypes

Winners (equal 1st to 3rd place)

Priavoid GmbH, Juelich

Founding team:

Prof. Dr. Willbold

Technology: Targeting Neurological Disorders with all-D-Peptides


sphairlab GmbH, Aachen

Founding team:

Dipl.-Ing. Jens Hutzenlaub

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Wolfgang Hassa

Technology: Mobile Rein- und Sauberräume


Black Drop Biodrucker GmbH, Aachen

Founding team:

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Blaeser

Technology: Black Drop Biodrucker GmbH is a German 3D-bioprinting company located in the heart of Europe.


Finalists 2018

ACUS, Köln

Founding team: Dr. Moritz Horn, CEO; Prof. Dr. Josef Penninger, Advisor; Dr. Martin Denzel, Advisor; Dr. Ulrich Elling; Advisor

Technology: Target deconvolution services and innovative drug target discoveries


Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH, Hennigsdorf

Founding team:

Dr. Daniel Tondera, Head of Biology
Dr. Gerrit Maass, CFO
Dr. Jörg Kaufmann, CSO
Dr. Volker Fehring, Head of Formulation
Dr. Oliver Keil, CTO
Dr. Klaus Giese, CEO

Technology: Pantherna’s innovative technology platform is based on advanced nanoparticles for the delivery and expression of therapeutic mRNA drugs in the endothelium.


SensID GmbH, Rostock

Founding team:

Bjoern Nowack
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Sven Rueger
CFO & Co-Founder
Andreas Bollmann
Regulatory Affairs Manager & Co-Founder



SniPER, Aachen 

Founding team:

Jolein Mijnes, CEO; Nidina Ortiz-Brüchle, CTO; Alain Kummer, Venture partner NLC; Haley Baptist, Venture developer NLC; Edgar Dahl

Technology: Entwicklung einer innovativen Diagnostik-Technologieplattform für die personalisierte Medizin von Krebspatienten


Stem Cell Healing, Köln 

Founding team:

Carlos Chacón Martínez, Victor Bustos, Nicole Stein

Technology: Induce transient re-activation of the body’s own Hair Follicle Stem Cells (HFSCs) to promote their regenerative functions

Winners (equal 1st to 3rd place)

FundamentalPharma, Frankfurt/M

Founding team: Dr. Thomas Schulze, CEO

Technology: Abstandsregeln im Gehirn: Neuartige Wirkstoffe, die als molekulare Abstandshalter im Gehirn wirken, verhindern Neurodegeneration


ClickmerSystems, Bonn

Founding team: 

Dr. Nora Karnowski (Laborleitung),

Dr. Maren Hamann (Wissenschaftlerin, Marketingleitung),

Dr. Johanna Kauppila (Wissenschaftlerin)

Stefanie Büsch (technische Assistenz)

Technology: Synthetic alternative to antibodies


Tubulis Technologies, Martinsried 

Founding team:

Jonas Helma-Smets, Dominik Schumacher, Prof. Heinrich Leonhardt, Prof. Christian Hackenberger    

Technology: Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) der nächsten Generation


Finalists 2017

Finalists (equal 1st to 8th place):

Institut für Stammzellforschung und Regenerative Medizin, heute UriCell GmbH, Düsseldorf



Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, heute attyloid GmbH, Düsseldorf

sFIDA - Frühdiagnostik der Alzheimerschen Demenz


Clustermarket, international

Clustermarket ist eine Online Sharing Plattform für Wissenschaftler und Life-Science Unternehmen, auf der Laborgeräte, Labore und Expertise vermietet und gemietet werden können.


PAIA Biotech GmbH, Köln

Entwicklung und Vermarktung von Assaykits für die Quantifizierung von Antikörpern und Proteinen im Hochdurchsatz

NUMAFERM, Düsseldorf

Plattform-Technologie zur biotechnischen Produktion von Peptiden

RheinCell Therapeutics GmbH, heute Langenfeld

GMP grade HLA homozygous Allogeneic iPSC Master Cell Bank


TH Köln / Bio-Pharmazeutische Chemie

Wirkstoff-Forschung: Epigenetisch differenzierende Anti-Tumorwirkstoffe

Contact: Prof. Nicole Teusch

Dr. Seibt Genomics GmbH

Contact: Dr. Benjamin Seibt

Finalists (equal 1st to 8th place):

Cube Biotech GmbH, Monheim am Rhein


Cysal GmbH, Bonn


Sequip S+E, Düsseldorf


Qithera GmbH, Aachen

Contact: Dr. Michael Rose


AgroJector UG, Köln

Contact: Dr. Bekir Ulker


ProNaCell GmbH, Bonn

Contact: Dr. Alexander Glassmann


PS Biotech GmbH, Aachen

Contact: Dr. Kristina Brüllhoff


BIO-MAR, Düsseldorf

Contact: Prof. Roth

Finalists (equal 1st to 4th place):

InfanDx AG, Köln

Dipl.-Chem. Ron Maier


LightFab UG, Aachen

Dipl.-Phys. Martin Hermans


LIMS@work, Bonn

Georg Strömer, Egbert Heuvelmann


Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH, Nettetal

Dr. Peter Welters