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Start-up Next Level Kick-off BioRiver Boost! // Start-up Woche Düsseldorf

10 Juni 2021, 12 – 1 pm
Zoom / Live from Life Science Center Düsseldorf

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Hosts: Dr. Boris Stoffel, Dr. Frauke Hangen
Guests: Valentine Gesché, PerAGraft, Ole Martin, Dermanostic, Geert Alders, CASC8

12.00    Greetings and Introducing the pitch session

12.08    3. Place 2020, Geert Alders: CASC8, Belgium
12.21    2. Place 2020, Dr. Ole Martin: Dermanostic, Düsseldorf
12.34    1. Place 2020, Dr. Valentine Gesché, PerAGraft, Aachen

12.47    Introducing the Reverse Pitch session and useful information

12.50    Reverse Pitch Miltenyi Biotec, Dr. Boris Stoffel
13.00    Kick-off Start-up competition BioRiver Boost! 2021. Application is open!



We would like to warmly welcome you to the kick-off event for the start-up competition BioRiver Boost! 2021. With “BioRiver Boost! Start-up next level” we will give an overview on the competition especially to those who are interested in participating or becoming a partner for the event.

We proudly present the winners of the previous year BioRiver Boost! 2020: Dr. Valentine Gesché, PerAGraft, Dr. Ole Martin, Dermanostic, and Geert Alders, CASC8. The audience together with members of the jury and the BioRiver board is invited to bring questions regarding the companies’ developments to the founders. Dr. Boris Stoffel, chairman of the BioRiver board and member of the executive board of Miltenyi Biotec will introduce the reverse pitch session by presenting his company in this way.

At the end of the meeting the start-up competition BioRiver Boost! 2021 will be officially opened.
We look forward to having you in the audience on 10th June and in the start-up competition BioRiver Boost! 2021!

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