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The BioRiver office is where the threads of the association’s work come together. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you:

    • Your concern as a member
    • You would like to become a member
    • You are interested in our work

These are our tasks:

    • Public relations and contact for internal and external enquiries
    • Coordinate working groups
    • Prepare meetings and assemblies
    • Plan and implement events
    • Maintain and expand network

We work in close exchange with the voluntary board. The latter is actively involved in the work of the association.

    • strategic decisions and advice the office
    • Leadership of working groups
    • Providing impetus for new initiatives
    • Function as jury, host, trainer, coach in the BioRiver Boost!
      Start-up competition
    • Spokesperson for BioRiver e.V. vis-à-vis politicians

Our members are volunteers:

    • Leadership of working groups
    • Collaboration in the BioRiver Boost!
    • Providing impetus for new initiatives
    • Participants and ambassadors


  • Oder rufen Sie uns an unter +49 (0) 211 316 0610


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