10. BioRiver Boost! 2023 ​

Start-up competition for life science founders for best business contacts

The competition is open to start-up projects and start-ups from the life sciences, biotech and agtech sectors.
22 September 2023 at BAYER Crop Science in Monheim am Rhein.

Apply online now to take part.


Online application to participate in BioRiver Boost! 2023

Application deadline 02. 06.-15. 08. 2023

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Fill out online application

  • The application period is 1.6.-15.8.2023.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the BioRiver office.

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Review of applications by the BioRiver office for formal errors. Approx. 16.8. Forward all applications to the BioRiver Boost! Jury.

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Individual assessment of the applications by the BioRiver Boost! jury members, with regard to fixed criteria such as technology, market, team and financing concept.

This year, the jury will again be made up of top representatives from globally active life science groups based in the Rhineland and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The evaluation of all jurors results in a ranking list of the applications. The 8 best start-ups will be selected as finalists for the BioRiver Boost! 2023 and invited to the final event.

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The finalists will be invited to a one-day, free, professional, pitch training.

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As one of 8 finalists – startups, you are invited to pitch in front of your audience of judges and professionals on 22. 9. 2023 at the host Bayer AG Crop Science premises. Directly after your presentation, there will be a question and answer session with the jury and the audience.

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Following both pitch sessions, the jury will decide on the best 3 founding projects/start-ups in a confidential session.

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The official part of the BioRiver Boost! ends with the award ceremony for the best three start-ups. The best team will be awarded the BioRiver Boost! Award. The BioRiver Boost! prizes will be presented by high-ranking representatives of the industry.

Further programme items on 22.9. are: Open Q&A session with the jury, Best Practice Success Startup, Reverse Pitches by industry representatives, Life Hub tours, as well as opportunities for all participants and guests to interact during the breaks and after the conference programme.

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Through professional reporting on the BioRiver Boost! 2023 following the event, the winning teams will receive visibility, networking and interest from the market and investors.

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Individual coaching by experienced managers is available to the top three teams.


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